The uterus (womb) is a pear shaped organ, tucked away in your pelvis, where your baby grows. A small number of women have a uterus that has a different shape/structure to a normal uterus, known as a uterine abnormality. Although this does not usually prevent women from getting pregnant/giving birth, it can make pregnancy more difficult (depending on the type of abnormality), leading to more premature births/miscarriages. This means patients with uterine abnormalities may need extra monitoring during pregnancy to give them the best chance of having a baby.

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Dr. Tahira Sadigova
Specialist in Obstetric Gynaecology

With her gentle manner and expert knowledge on all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is little wonder that Dr Tahira is in great demand among the UAE’s female population. Dr Tahira has worked in many countries including Uzbekistan, Russia and Germany before she relocated to the UAE. Dr.Tahira speaks several languages English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Uzbekistani, Kazakhstani, Kirgizstan and Turkestan.

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