Dubbed the anti-aging breakthrough of the decade, this re-surfacing treatment combines the effectiveness of traditional carbon dioxide lasers, which have long-thought to be the gold standard in wrinkle removal, with a new application technique, the Sellas fractional CO2 laser delivers powerful results without the traditionally harsh side effects.

With its unsurpassed technology, the Sellas fractional CO2 laser resurfacing procedure promises to achieve outstanding, long-term results in only one or two sessions, with minimal healing time.

What can the Sellas fractional CO2 laser treat?

  • Lines
  • Deep-set wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Uneven texture
  • Dyschromia and other pigmentation abnormalities.

Is treatment painful?

Although patients may experience a tingling sensation during the treatment, unlike traditional laser resurfacing techniques, the advanced technique employed by the Sellas fractional CO2 laser resurfacing prevents damage to the top layer of skin, offering maximum results with minimal recovery time.

How does it work?

The natural aging process, combined with exposure to sun and pollution, destroys collagen, the main protein found in connective tissue that is responsible for keeping skin plump and line-free. Laser resurfacing uses beamlets of energy light to bore tiny holes in the skin, which works to put the body’s natural collagen production on fast-forward and which promotes collagen remodelling in the lower levels of the skin. The subsequent new collagen and elastin fibre that is formed translates into healthier, firmer, and tighter skin.

Check out our specialist’s profile

Ms. Rebecca Treston
Beauty Therapist and Laser Technician

After completing qualifications in beauty therapy and lasers and working in the UK aesthetics sector for some time, Rebecca Treston relocated to Dubai in 1999. Offering unrivalled skincare treatments, Rebecca continually sources pioneering treatments and skincare products for her clinic, which has ensured her renowned clinic is the flagship clinic for aesthetics in the UAE and a favourite of the region’s most prominent media, influencers, as well as Middle Eastern royalty.

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