Developed in the 1960s the revolutionary Proellixe machine was originally used by NASA to test the fitness of its astronauts, before becoming the latest celebrity fitness craze. Offering unparalleled results, it is hardly surprising the Proellixe is rumoured to be a firm fixture in the exercise regimes of A-list fitness fanatics such as Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez.

The Proellixe ensures a whole body workout and targets areas such as the back, legs, arms and abdomen. Standing on a small platform, a constant vibration causes the body’s muscles to contract 40 times per second. These small, rapid vibrations are specifically designed to activate and stimulate muscle walls. As a result, the body responds with resistance ensuring a direct stimulation of the muscles without the production of lactic acid, which is responsible for inducing post-exercise cramps.

Benefits of Proellixe

The benefits of the Proellixe Advanced Vibration Technology are considerable. Different programmes are available, including anti-cellulite, skin improvement, problem areas or fat burning. Vibration training on the Proellixe can be used to substantially improve muscle strength and performance, increase flexibility and range of motion, accelerate weight loss and enhance the secretion of key hormones such as serotonin, human growth hormone and neurotrophine. The Proellixe also produces leaner muscle tissue by increasing metabolic rate and burning calories, and the machine dramatically reduces cellulite.

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Ms. Rebecca Treston
Beauty Therapist and Laser Technician

After completing qualifications in beauty therapy and lasers and working in the UK aesthetics sector for some time, Rebecca Treston relocated to Dubai in 1999. Offering unrivalled skincare treatments, Rebecca continually sources pioneering treatments and skincare products for her clinic, which has ensured her renowned clinic is the flagship clinic for aesthetics in the UAE and a favourite of the region’s most prominent media, influencers, as well as Middle Eastern royalty.

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