The liver plays a major role in the body, and is vital for digesting food and eliminating toxic substances from your body. Damage to the liver can therefore be detrimental to the body, leading to scarring (cirrhosis) and eventually resulting in liver failure.

What are the signs of liver disease?

These include: weakness and fatigue, abdominal pain and swelling, weight loss, nausea/vomiting, jaundice and swelling in the legs and ankles.

How is it diagnosed?

This can be done through a physical examination, as well as:

  • A group of blood tests called liver function tests
  • Imaging tests such as CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds
  • A liver biopsy

How can it be treated?

Based on these results, Dr Zafar will suggest a treatment plan for you. While some liver problems can be treated through lifestyle changes, others may require medication or surgery. Treatment for liver disease that causes liver failure may call for a liver transplant.

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Dr. Zafar Quader is a consultant Gastroenterologist, with more than 20 years of experience. He completed his medical training and gastroenterology fellowship in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Zafar has been in clinical practice and involved in clinical research in St. Louis, Missouri since 1995 and moved to Dubai in 2015. Dr. Quader provides individualized care to all adult patients with gastrointestinal disorders.

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