Irritable bowel syndrome, commonly known as IBS, is a chronic condition of the large intestine (colon) that affects a large number of people. Often the symptoms are manageable with the appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. However, with more severe cases treatment is necessary.

What are the symptoms of IBS?

  • Abdominal pain
  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • Diarrhoea or Constipation
  • Mucus in the stool

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is important to contact us, as they may indicate more serious conditions and treatment may be required.

What can cause IBS?

The main cause of IBS is unknown, although there are several triggers that can bring on the condition. Namely:

  • Certain foods e.g. chocolate, dairy products, spices, and carbonated drinks
  • Stress
  • Hormones
  • Other illnesses e.g. Gastroenteritis or Bacterial overgrowth

What treatment options are available?

As there is no underlying cause of IBS, treatment focuses on relieving the various symptoms. Dr Zafar may advise that the patient avoid certain foods, drink more water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. With more severe cases further treatment options may be considered, and can include:

  • Eliminating gluten and lactose
  • Fibre supplements
  • Anti-diarrhoeal medications
  • Anti-cholinergic and Anti-spasmodic medications

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Dr. Zafar Quader
Consultant in Gastroenterology

Dr. Zafar Quader is a consultant Gastroenterologist, with more than 20 years of experience. He completed his medical training and gastroenterology fellowship in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Zafar has been in clinical practice and involved in clinical research in St. Louis, Missouri since 1995 and moved to Dubai in 2015. Dr. Quader provides individualized care to all adult patients with gastrointestinal disorders.

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