Beautiful smiles can often be distorted by gums that rest too high or low on your teeth; even individuals who take great care of their teeth can suffer from asymmetrical gum tissue, leaving them feeling self-conscious, and reluctant to laugh or smile.

Gum recontouring, also known as gum lifting or gum sculpting, is an effective way of treating such gums, giving them a more balanced appearance. Dr Sofia is one of the few dentists in the UAE who is able to offer laser re-shaping to ensure you get your perfect gumline – and therefore smile!

How does it work?

In the gum recontouring procedure, a laser will be used to remove any excess gum tissue, and smooth out the uneven gum line. The precise laser beam will help re-contour the gum, without affecting surrounding teeth and gums.

Is the treatment painful?

No. By using a range of different range of lasers treatment will be pain-free. Typically there is no post operative pain, no swelling, no bleeding and the patient can have this procedure done and continue with their everyday life without any postoperative restrictions, even stitches!

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Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou
General Dentist and Implantologist

A member of the World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry and the International Society of Laser Dentistry amongst others, Dr Sofia is fast becoming a name-to-know in the world of dentistry. Her mission is simple: to fuse science and art in her pioneering clinic which will ensure her patients’ teeth are healthy and so beautiful that they will always want to smile – and her expertise in Digital Smile Design (DSD) is testament to her ethos.

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