Pregnancy has a direct impact on her health and well-being. Family planning helps patients make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, allowing them to plan their pregnancies to ensure the best outcome. This is achieved through use of contraceptive methods and the treatment of infertility.

The different methods of contraception, include:

  • Long-acting reversible contraception, such as an implant, or an intra uterine device
  • Hormonal contraception such as contraceptive pills – “the pill”, the injection and vaginal rings
  • Barriers methods, such as condoms and diaphragms
  • Fertility Awareness
  • Emergency contraception
  • Permanent contraception, such as vasectomy and tubal ligation.

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Dr. Tahira Sadigova
Specialist in Obstetric Gynaecology

With her gentle manner and expert knowledge on all aspects of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is little wonder that Dr Tahira is in great demand among the UAE’s female population. Dr Tahira has worked in many countries including Uzbekistan, Russia and Germany before she relocated to the UAE. Dr.Tahira speaks several languages English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Uzbekistani, Kazakhstani, Kirgizstan and Turkestan.

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