Despite your best efforts to maintain healthy teeth, certain problems may still occur. In certain cases, fillings can be used to repair decayed or broken teeth. Dr Sofia will remove the decayed material in your teeth, clean the cavity and fill it with a filling material.

Dr Sofia uses tooth-coloured fillings made from composite, synthetic resins. Not only are they aesthetically more attractive, they are also a safer alternative to the silver amalgam fillings used in the past.

How do they work?

The fillings help to hold the tooth together, as the composite resin material bonds to the structure of the tooth, creating a seal that prevents further decay. Our dental department matches the resin with the natural colour of your teeth, to create a filling that is barely visible.

What are the advantages over the older silver mercury containing fillings?

  • Aesthetically more attractive (they match the colour of your teeth)
  • Safer (mercury-free and metal-free)
  • Preserve a more natural tooth structure
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Very low risk of an allergic reaction
  • Bond to tooth structure

What if I already have a metallic filling?

Our dental department is fully equipped to remove old metallic fillings, and replace them with the more natural tooth-coloured fillings. Our clinic is also extremely dedicated to increasing awareness of the risk of heavy metal and mercury intoxication.

Within the dental department, we use strict protocols to remove amalgam fillings, including employing a breathing mask, rubber dam isolation and high suctions to extract the dangerous mercury vapours while removing amalgams.

We also collaborate with Dr Hoda to detox all trace of heavy metals from the body.

So don’t suffer the discomfort of toothache or the embarrassment of visible fillings a moment longer: book your appointment with Dr Sofia today, and let her transform your teeth for life.

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Dr. Sofia Aravopoulou
General Dentist and Implantologist

A member of the World Federation of Lasers in Dentistry and the International Society of Laser Dentistry amongst others, Dr Sofia is fast becoming a name-to-know in the world of dentistry. Her mission is simple: to fuse science and art in her pioneering clinic which will ensure her patients’ teeth are healthy and so beautiful that they will always want to smile – and her expertise in Digital Smile Design (DSD) is testament to her ethos.

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