With all of the amazing technological advances in the field of orthodontics in recent years there is no better time to find your perfect smile! One of the most common orthodontic treatments is the application of Fixed Braces, a process that involves the gradual correction of misaligned teeth through the continual wearing of braces. There is a large amount of choice when it comes to teeth correction with braces, and here at Euromed Dr Rasha’s expert knowledge will guide you through the best options.

Metal Braces

Metal Braces are by far the most common and well-known form of orthodontic treatment. The brace is formed of shaped pieces of metal brackets that are attached to each individual tooth, before a connecting archwire is then bent to reflect your desired bite and threaded through each bracket. As the wire moves to return to its original form, this gentle pressure gradually moves your teeth into the preferred position.

And if you are put off by the traditional image of a ‘mouth full of metal’, don’t be! Modern Metal Braces are far less intrusive and painful, as the metal brackets are smaller with heat-activated archwire that uses the body’s heat to quicken results and lessen the pain.

Ceramic Braces

Providing the same results as the more traditional Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces offer the chance to straighten teeth in a more aesthetically pleasing way. Often called ‘clear braces’, they are made of a translucent material designed to be less noticeable than their metal counterpart, and it is now possible to have the option of clear wires to further reduce the visibility of the braces. Ceramic Braces provide all the benefits of the faster-acting fixed braces, but with the subtlety of more modern forms of removable braces.

Contact Dr Rasha today if you need further guidance on which fixed braces are the right choice for you or your child, and get one step closer to an ideal smile.

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Dr. Rasha AlMubarak
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Originally from Kuwait, Dr Rasha Al Mubarak obtained her Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics and Master of Science degree in Oral Sciences at the University of Illinois is in Chicago in 2005, subsequently becoming a delegate at the world federation of orthodontist council. She has worked as an orthodontist for the past 14 years and has previously been the Director of Orthodontics at Boston University – Dubai Healthcare City.

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